2014-2015 Uniform Policy
All Students
Clothing should fit properly and must be clean.  Shirts should be tucked in at all times.  No colored or printed tee shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt or blouse.  Jeans may not be substituted for uniform pants in an emergency.  Clothing should not be torn, shredded, written or drawn upon.  Blouses, shirts or turtlenecks must be worn under sweaters or sweatshirts.

Hairstyles or colors that create a disruption to the learning environment are not allowed.  Natural color highlights are acceptable.  Bangs must be above the eyes and boys’ hair must not extend below the collar.  Hair must be neat and well groomed.

May be no more than two inches above the knees --- ALL GRADES.

Must be St. Anne School Sweatshirts.

Must be unobtrusive (no large hoop earrings, large chains, etc) to prevent injury during the school day.

Non-Uniform Dress Days
On days designated for non-uniform or free dress, clothing should fit properly, be clean and free of inappropriate pictures or wording.  Jeans and/or shorts should not be torn, shredded or drawn upon.  The length of the shorts must be to mid-thigh.  Tank tops, spaghetti straps, camisoles, open toe shoes or sandals and roller skate shores are not permitted.  Hats and bandanas may not be worn inside the building.

OnLine Shopping

Dennis Uniform

Land's End - our school code #900130154

        View Land's End Preferred School Dress Code

        Shop landsend.com/school for any uniform item on the Land's End

               School Uniform website

        Check Preferred School Program on EACH item page

        Enter St. Anne School Code #900130154

        * St. Anne School will receive 3% back on all uniform items purchased with this code.

        * If you purchase with Scrip we will get an additional 16% back to the school.

Fleece and St. Anne Sweatshirts
Lands End is providing St. Anne with better quality sweatshirts (80% cotton/20% poly blend) with a stitched St. Anne logo that will hold up better to multiple washings.

Princing for sweatshirts* is:
Youth sizes - $15.50 plus $8.10 logo = $23.60
Adult sizes - $19.50 plus $8.10 logo = $27.60

To Order:
1. For sweatshirts  Choose girls, boys, women, or men.

                               Choose "Activewear"

                               Choose "Uniform Fleece Crew Sweatshirt."

                               St. Anne colors are NAVY and EVERGREEN.

                               Check Preferred School Program

                               Enter St. Anne School Code #900130154

                               Select "Fleece/sweatshirt logo/$8.10"

2. For fleece  Choose "Activewear" to find

                      Choose Uniform Microfleece Half Zip Pullover, Uniform Fleece Jacket,

                               or Uniform Polar Fleece Vest and follow above directions.

NOTE: The St. Anne stitched logo is only allowed on the Uniform Fleece Crew Sweatshirt, the Uniform Microfleece Half Zip Pullover, the Uniform Fleece Jacket and the Uniform Polar Fleece Vest. DO NOT SELECT THE LOGO OPTION FOR ANY OTHER ITEM AS IT IS NOT PART OF THE UNIFORM.

* For a limited time we still have some green sweatshirts left in Youth size S & M for $15.00 and Adult size S-XXLarge for $18.00. Contact the school office if interested.


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