A number of well-qualified specialists enrich the educational experience at St. Anne and help all students achieve their full mind, body and soul potential. Specialists and areas of emphasis include the following:

The St. Anne School Stewardship Program is modeled after the expectations set forth in The Gospels, the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching and the St. Anne School Student Learning Expectations. Through direct instruction, action and reflection, students learn the privilege and responsibility we all have to serve our neighbor. Our Service Learning Programs seeks to educate students about service on the local, national and global level.

Teachers at all grade levels engage their students in class and school-wide service projects. We regularly invite inspirational speakers from non-profit and social justice organizations to educate our students about service opportunities happening outside of school and we read a variety of books with the students to challenge their understanding of hardships in our world that require each of us to respond with charity and justice.

Middle School students are required to reflect on a service experience each trimester and are also encouraged to create and implement their own service projects with the aid of Middle School Service Learning Grants. Our Service Learning Program seeks to nurture students towards a life-long commitment of service to one’s neighbor.

Physical Education
St Anne P.E. is a success oriented program which focuses on each child having successful experiences in a variety of sports and games. The year is divided into about 20 different units which include the traditional games such as basketball, soccer, tennis and football and the not so traditional, including tchoukball, dance, cricket and lacrosse.

In addition the students take the Presidential Physical Fitness test two times each year, where the focus is on improving one's own fitness and striving to reach the national average in each of the five tests.

Finally, our program focuses on body awareness and nutrition. The students are tested on the muscles and bones a few times a year and are frequently lectured on proper nutritional practices to maintain a strong and healthy body. This country is at a crisis point when we look at child obesity statistics, we believe that the job of the St Anne P.E. program is for our students to have the knowledge and skills to reverse those trends.

Students at St. Anne School are exposed to the Spanish language from PK through 8th grade. Elementary grades focus on building vocabulary and developing listening skills through interactive games and songs. The middle school program teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing offering constant opportunities to apply the acquired language through student's participation in skits, conversations, and oral presentations.

The primary goal is to interrelate foreign language with Christian values, social issues and cultural awareness. Lessons are planned in connection with curricular areas such as religion, music, art, geography and social studies. Students finish 8th grade with a solid Spanish foundation and ready to encounter the challenges of high school!

In the art program at St Anne School, students experience the pleasures of creative problem-solving and artistic exploration while also developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that contribute to good craftsmanship. As they are introduced to basic methods and traditional materials for drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking, students are also encouraged to experiment with their own methods and to be inventive in their choice and use of materials. The ultimate goals of the program are to awaken all students to the materials and opportunities for art-making that exist in their everyday lives, to establish in them the confidence to explore and make art on their own, and to develop in them a true appreciation of the work of artists.

Music & Drama
All students receive age appropriate general music instruction as well as vocal training for weekly prayer services and monthly school Masses. Signing In Exact English is used to help cue students and to promote memorization of music material.

6th through 8th grade students also receive drama instruction where they explore "actor tools" through games, exercises and scene work. 6th graders star in the annual Christmas pageant, while 8th graders are trained to run the technical aspects of the show.

Popular musical instruments as well as theatrical curtains, drama cubes, and props are all available for student use in the classroom. "Monday Morning Band" and "Praise Singers" are trained outside of the school day in preparation for all prayer assemblies and school Masses. Additional musical coaching is available to all during breaks and recesses throughout the year and in preparation for the annual talent show.

The library is open to all Pre-k through 8th grade students looking for fiction and non-fiction materials. Students can search for and track books in our collection using our automated library system. The link provided below allows you to connect to our collection.

Pre-k through 5th grade students attend weekly library classes. During class, students have the opportunity to check-out books and learn library skills. The library is open to students at recess and after school in addition to scheduled library times.

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School Counselor--Link to Counselor Website

The school counselor works with students, teachers, and parents to help build a nurturing and supportive learning community.

As kids grow, it is important to know and have a sense of what is normative as compared to other children at that particular age.  With that being said, all kids do not develop at the same pace; some may reach certain stages earlier than others and some may reach them later.  

There is a rich resource called Great Schools and their website contains many school and parent related articles; it is www.greatschools.org.  The developmental sheets below contain infromation from this site as well as information compiled by myself (Denise Rousso) and Jennifer Moyer-Taylor, the school counselor at St. Joseph School.  Other sources include books on specific age groups by Louise Bates Ames and "Yardsticks" by Chip Wood.  Because many of us don't have the time or energy to read countless books, we wanted to provide the resources to you in a succinct fashion.  Below is information on the cognitive/social/emotional stages of children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Developmental Milestones


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade


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