St. Anne School is committed to inspire students to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered and to live out that mission by being stewards in our own community.

Our Stewardship Program is modeled after the expectations set forth in The Gospels, the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching and the St. Anne School Student Learning Expectations. Through direct instruction, action and reflection, students learn the privilege and responsibility we all have to serve our neighbor. Our Stewardship Programs seeks to educate students about service on the local, national and global level.

Teachers at all grade levels engage their students in class and school-wide service projects. We regularly invite inspirational speakers from non-profit and social justice organizations to educate our students about service opportunities happening outside of school and we read a variety of books with the students to challenge their understanding of hardships in our world that require each of us to respond with charity and justice.

Middle School students are required to reflect on a service experience each trimester and are also encouraged to create and implement their own service projects with the aid of Middle School Service Learning Grants. Our Stewardship Program seeks to nurture students towards a life-long commitment of service to one’s neighbor.



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