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Earn money for St. Anne School by doing absolutely nothing!  SCRIP is easy way to make money for the school.  All you do is purchase gift cards for things you are already buying -- groceries, coffee, music, and even school uniforms—from retailers that you are already shopping at—QFC, Safeway, Starbucks, iTunes, Gap. We purchase the gift cards at a discount and then sell them to you for the full amount which is how Scrip makes money for the school.  You do not spend any extra money!! If you purchase a gift card for $100, you get a gift card for $100.   No extra money and no extra time!!   And if you commit for the year, it can earn so much money for the school.  Over the past year, our Scrip program has raised over $15,000 for St. Anne School. 

St. Anne Scrip can be purchased for the the following businesses and amounts. For ordering possibilities see below.



Albertsons $100 gift cards
Barnes and Noble $25 gift cards
Blockbuster $10 gift cards
Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic $25 gift cards
iTunes $15 gift cards
Jamba Juice $10 gift cards 3% to St. Anne-all online uniform & other purchases w/School Code 900130154
Macy's $25 gift cards
Met Market $100 gift cards
QFC/Fred Meyer
$100 gift cards
Safeway $100 gift cards
Starbucks $25 gift cards


Automatic Monthly Scrip Order
We encourage all families to commit to purchase Scrip each month for the whole year and we make it so easy to do. Just use the order form below to select the gift cards you would like to receive automatically each month.  Then each month, your credit or debit card will be billed the last week of every month for the amount you selected. Your Scrip gift cards will automatically
be sent home in the purple folder the first Monday of every month.  A good rule of thumb is to select the store where you spend the most money every month on groceries, and then order Scrip for half of what you normally spend.  For example, if you spend $800 at Safeway  each month, sign up for $400 in Safeway gift cards.  That way you know you will use up all your cards and the school will make money in return!

Safeway eScrip Sign-up Form


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