School Library

The library is open to all Pre-K through 8th grade students looking for fiction and non-fiction materials. Pre-K through 5th grade students attend weekly library classes. During class, students have the opportunity to check-out books and learn library skills. The library is open to students at recess and after school in addition to scheduled library times.

Students can search for and track books in our collection using our automated library system.  Here is your link to access what we have in our library and webpath express:




Readers Handbook
Click here to view the Parent Reading Handbook.

Learning Resources
A part-time teacher works with individuals and small groups of students who need academic support or enrichment in reading, math, writing or other areas.

A part-time Counselor provides a proactive counseling program working with students in the classroom, in small groups and in one-on-one situations on topics such as sharing, bullying, identifying feelings in order to develop the emotional intelligence of St. Anne students.




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