New Student Admissions
All applications for new student admissions to St. Anne School are reviewed by a committee made up of the St. Anne Parish Pastoral Coordinator, St. Anne School Principal and Vice Principal.   Every effort is made to be fair in considering the relevant facts and circumstances of prospective students/families and to balance these with the best interest of St. Anne Parish and School. The selection process is subject to strict confidentiality.

Applications to St. Anne School are weighed and admissions decisions made based upon the following criteria: the level and extent of the applicant’s active involvement in St. Anne Parish; presence of siblings in the school; number of applicants; number of spots available; acceptable class size and for the incoming Kindergarten class, student readiness.  Please note – enrollment in the St. Anne Pre-Kindergarten program is not a guarantee of admissions into the St. Anne Kindergarten.

Class sizes are generally kept at 26 students for grades K-4 and 28 students for grades 5-8.  However, for pastoral reasons the committee may occasionally recommend a slight increase in size. 

St. Anne School is a parish school and is the largest ministry of St. Anne Parish.  Active involvement in the parish is a key consideration in the admissions process especially in years and situations where the number of applicants for a particular grade level exceeds the number of spaces available.  An active St. Anne Parish family is defined as:

  1. Registered in the Parish Office (a minimum of six months)
  2. Active in the life of the Parish (a minimum of six months)
    • Attends Sunday Mass regularly
    • Receives the Sacraments
    • Involved in one of the many ministry areas of the Parish (e.g. usher, choir, Commissions, committees, etc).
  3. Regular Sunday contributions through the Sunday envelope
    • Annually file a Sacrificial Giving Pledge Card with the Parish office
    • Consistent effort to meet the pledge

Waiting List
Applicants not gaining admission to St. Anne School may request to be put on the class waiting list.  This request must be renewed for each year in which the prospective student would desire admission.  Students on the Wait List will not be assigned a numerical priority since assignment will be based upon the make-up of the class, active involvement in the parish and consideration of other criteria at the time openings occur.  Openings are typically available just after the registration deadline and over the summer as families move or other decisions are made known to us.  To inquire about wait list opportunities, please contact the school’s Administrative Assistant.

St. Anne School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age or disability (if with reasonable accommodation the disabled person can function in the school environment).  The school desires to be as inclusive as possible in welcoming all students for whom we can provide an appropriate program. 

Re-enrollment for Returning Students
Families with students already in St. Anne School’s K thru 7th grade must re-enroll their students in January of each year.  Re-enrollment forms will be sent home in the Tuesday packet or may be obtained from administrative assistant.  Returning families must submit a completed contract and tuition deposit for each child being re-enrolled before the deadline.  Families who submit after the deadline will incur a late fee. 



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