Pre-Kindergarten Program

St. Anne School Pre-Kindergarten is a half-day program designed to help four and five year old children acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge, social, and emotional skills needed for Kindergarten.

We use "hands-on" centers and games to teach many math and language concepts, as well as universal concepts such as taking turns, listening and following directions.  We include a variety of ever-changing centers, which follow our letter and number of the week as well as seasonal/holiday themes.

Our philosophy of play carries over easily into all of our curriculum.  The children are immersed in quality literature and use manipulatives to learn math concepts.  Due to their naturally curious nature, we explore plants, animals, and perform various science experiments.   In our social curriculum the children learn to respect themselves, others, and our community through many different activities.

We also utilize music, dance, drama, and yoga every week as we become better friends, classmates, and members of our community.



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