Welcome to the St. Anne Parent Association

Our purpose is to build community and ensure effective communication among all parents/caregivers and our school. We host social and educational programs for parents, support school fundraising efforts, and bolster parent involvement.  The Parent Association is facilitated by a volunteer board representing all parents and caregivers at St. Anne School. 

Upcoming Events

PA Meetings:

Thursday, October 13th from 6-7:30pm- Topics: After School Enrichement, Parent Ed, and New Email Structure (in Science Lab)

Monday, February 6th from 9-10:30 - Parent Social and Idea Sharing (in Art Room)

Thursday, May 11th from 6-7:30pm - Topics: Community and Outreach (in Science Lab)



Friday, October 28 - Family Halloween Bingo

Friday, December 9 - Christmas Family Movie Night

Saturday, February 11 - Crab Fest




We would love to have more parents join our amazing group of volunteer parents for Parent Association and are always looking for help! Please contact Samantha Stack if you are interested! From one hour to 30 hours, any amount of time you can put in helps our community grow and our children thrive!

President:  Samantha Stack      stack.guardian@stannesea.org

Advisor:  Paula Weigand

Secretary:  Gina McGinnis

Enrichment Coordinator K-4:  Ester Burkhart

Enrichment Coordinator 5-8: Paula Weigand

Parent Education:  Beaven Walters

Marketing and Social Media:  Todd and Elizabeth McKay

Event Commttee: Samantha Stack, Back to School Tailgating Party Chair

                           Eileen Askew, Halloween and Spring Bingo Chair

                           Mary Ellen Kennedy, Christmas Family Movie Night Chair

                           Lori Roozen and Alitha Regalia, Crab Fest Co-Chairs

Event Support:  Angie Downs, Sara Bekinski and Emily Crandall

Hospitality Committee:  Kathleen Gallagher, Chair

                                     Gina Grothkopf

                                     Edna Maddalena

                                     Shelby Torcasi

Room Parents:

   PreK: Alitha Regalia

   Kindergarten:  Amy Gulman and Jessie Janzen

   1st:  Lori Roozen and Natalie Keilholz

   2nd: Aniki Olsen, Annette Bayha and Kathleen Gallagher

   3rd:  Carrie Vanderslice

   4th:  Ana De Villasante and Tracey Stevens

   5th: Michelle Harnett

   6th: Julie Berard and Keri Pickel

   7th:  Margaret Rican and Amy Graff

   8th:  Kacy McNaull and Monica Brown

Scrip: Kathryn McGavick, Susan Leonardson and Tiffany & Jeff Christianson

Logo Wear:  Tracey Stevens

Process for Implementing an Enrichment Program at St. Anne School

Reimbursement Request Form


Overarching Goals for the Parent Association:  

  • Communication 
    • To provide an effective vehicle for communication 
    • Harness the enthusiasm and feedback of St. Anne families to support school efforts 
    • Ensure Parent Association activities are aligned with the School Commission 
  • Foster Community 
    • Create opportunities for families to get to know one another             
    • Welcome new families into the school community
  • Service to the school
    • Help define opportunities for and recruit parents/guardians to volunteer for the school
  • Parent Education
    • Provide a forum for parent/guardian education on topics of interest 
  • Advocacy 
    • Promote the school to the parish, as well as existing and prospective school families
    • Communicate with legislators when necessary on issues that may affect the school
  • Evaluation
    • Continue to evaluate goals, structure and effectiveness of the parent organization
  • Fundraising
    • Assist school's development office as needed with ideas and feedback




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