Making A Difference for St. Anne School!

Tuition at St. Anne School and most parochial schools does not cover the full cost of educating students. To help keep tuition affordable, we raise additional money to support our programs.  Contributions to the Annual Fund, involvement in the School Auction and other fundraising efforts, represent the various ways families and friends of St. Anne School can give to support our school, our students and our mission.  Unlike tuition, some of these contributions can be tax deductible or serve as a way to purchase something that you need regardless of where your child goes to school.  

Each year, there are several core fundraising efforts to support St. Anne School.  The following table provides a summary overview of the schedule, purpose, goals and expectations for family participation for each drive.






Family Expectation

Annual Fund

Year Round –Pledges due by April 15th

Support increases in school operating expenses (esp. salaries & building maintenance)

$1 million endowment


Annual participation

Move-a-thon October Promote health and fitness while raising funds for the school operating expenses $25,000 $150 or more in pledges


1st Fri/Sat of May

Support school operating expenses; one special need each year

Net $185k/yr

Donate 2 items valued at least $150; 6 hours of volunteer time


Year round

Support school operating expenses

Net $15k/yr

Desire standing monthly order of $200.

Box Tops & Soup Labels

Year round

Support school operating Expenses







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