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St. Anne School has a talented and dedicated staff that is deeply committed to their chosen vocation. 

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Staff Directory
The school phone is 206-282-3538.  Faculty extensions and email are listed below:




Phone Extension


Austin, Heidi

Vice Principal, 8th Grade Algebra



Bellissimo, Lindsay

1st Grade



Betts, Michele

1st Grade Instructional Aide



Bonney, Laura

Administrative Assistant



Danielle, Dellino

3rd Grade
Covich, Pat Office Assistant


Mastrobattista, Maureen Pre-Kindergarten


Earnst, Kristen




Flora, Monica

Development Director



Haffey, Sean 7th Homeroom, Religion, LA/Lit, Stewardship, 6th Math

Hutyler, Carol Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Aide

Lanouette, Meghan

2nd Grade



Lynch, Maura 5th Grade

McNamara, Lisa



McNaull, Kacy 2nd Grade Instructional Aide

Mills, Kathleen




Nenninger, Lisette Middle School Science and Math
Peterson, Bev Pre-Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Quinn-Shea, Anna 4th Grade

Rain, Libby

Resource Teacher



Raney, Erin 6th Homeroom, Religion, LA/Lit, 8th LA, Resource


Rosado, Alan



cell: 351-8736

Rousso, Denise




Sauvage, Ben




Sauvage, Traci




Schuler, Shannon

Technology Integration



Sherman, Mary




Sturgeon, Pam

8th Homeroom, Religion, Lit and 6-8 Social Studies



Thole, Molly

Kindergarten Instructional Aide



Faculty Bios


Mary Sherman
At St. Anne since 1992
Education:  BA Education, Seattle University; MS Educational Administration, National University; K-12 Teaching Certificate; Washington State Principal Certification
Experience: Prior to becoming principal of St. Anne School I was assistant principal here for 17 years.  I also taught at St. Mark School in North Seattle for 10 years.
Passion/Interests:  My husband and I have 4 grown children, all of whom are graduates of St. Anne School.  We also have a wonderful daughter-in-law and a two beautiful granddaughters.  In my spare time, I enjoy running and spending time with my family.

Heidi Austin
Vice Principal, Grade 8 Algebra
At St. Anne since 1998
Education:  BA Biology, Gonzaga University; Teaching Certificate, University of Washington; Professional Certification, Antioch University; MA Ed. Administration, Grand Canyon University.
Experience:  I currently serve as vice-principal and teach 8th grade Algebra.  I have taught at St. Anne School since 1998. 
Passion/Interests:  I love working in a learning community and have a deep appreciation of St. Anne School.  I have an ongoing interest in science, math, and art and like to see and find the interconnections between them.  Teaching middle school students continues to be deeply rewarding.  My husband and I have four sons and we enjoy our family time with them.  When I have extra time I like cooking, getting involved in creative activities and spending time outdoors.

Laura Bonney
Administrative Assistant
At St. Anne School since 1999

Experience: Nearly 14 years at St. Anne School as the administrative assistant has given me experience beyond the normal "support" role.  Daily, I'm privileged to be a nurse to sick and hurt children; teachers, staff and parents can rely on me to be a liaison between all of them on a variety of matters.
Passion/Interests: My husband and I enjoy outdoor sports such as golfing and camping.  I have completed the Catechist Certification program and would love to some day assist teaching sacramental preparation to your children.

Pat Covich
PT Administrative Assistant
At St. Anne School since
Education: BS, Business Administration; City University

Experience: Prior to coming to St. Anne School, I was a Human Resource Manager with 34 years at the Seattle School District.

Passion/Interests: I’m thrilled to be a team member at St. Anne School with such a professional and caring staff and community. This part-time retirement position enables me to continue in the educational environment with youth who are excited about learning, and playing a part in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. I am a graduate from St. Anne School. I’m a certified Archdiocese trainer with the “Called to Protect” program for adults and youth. I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures and meeting people around the world. I feel so fortunate to be retired which enables me to spend time at my cottage on the Sound, time with family and friends, reading, walking/playing with my dog, enjoying water sports and researching my family genealogy.

Middle School (6-8)


Pam Sturgeon
Grade 8 Homroom, Religion, and Literature, Grade 6-8 Social Studies
At St. Anne from 1995-2004 returned since 2007

Education:  BS Psychology and Masters in Public Administration, University of Washington; M.A. in Psychology, Humboldt State University, CA; Principal Credentials, Seattle University.
Experience:  I have taught 5th – 8th grade at St. Anne School. My career prior to education was in civil rights-EEOC, and the Northwest Women’s Law Center. I have taught all grades K-8, except for 2nd grade and have five years in public schools and over 10 years in Catholic schools.
Passion/Interests:  My passion is to further quality Catholic education, service outreach, and to open student’s minds to the greater world around them. I have two grown children who graduated from Catholic Schools-Blanchet and Kennedy. In my free time I enjoy family, reading, traveling, volunteering for political campaigns and gardening.

Sean Haffey
Grade 7 Homeroom, Religion, LA and Literature, 6th Math and Stewardship Learning

At St. Anne since 2011
Education: BA History, Gonzaga University; M.Ed University of Notre Dame

Experience: I taught 5th grade in Compton, CA for two years before joining the St. Anne community last year.

Passion/Interest: My passions flow from a love of learning.  I am at my best when involved in service to the poor and working with students who lack confidence at school or see it as an intimidating place.  I enjoy free time spent with my family especially my older brothers, as well as running and reading great books.


Erin Raney
Grade 6 Homeroom, Religion, LA and Literature, 8th LA and Resource
Returned to St. Anne in 2010
Education: B.Ed Elementary Education and B.A. French, Seattle University; M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, University of West Florida; Principal's Credential, Auburn University at Montgomery; Waldorf Foundation Year Certificate, Sound Circle Center; TCRG Credential, Irish Dance Commission, Dublin, Ireland
Experience: Currently, I teach 6th and 8th grade Language Arts, 6th Literature and Religion and provide Resource Support for the middle school. I had the pleasure of teaching Grade 2 here, several years ago, for 5 years. I have taught all grades from preK-8 and some highschool French and History in parochial, private, and public schools all over the U.S. I have been teaching and learning for 25 years.
Passion/Interests: I am a product of Catholic education here in the Pacific Northwest, having graduated from St. Anne School, Holy Names Academy, and Seattle University. I am delighted to be here and look forward to reconnecting with the community. When I am not teaching, I enjoy exploring historically significant places, camping, reading, and taking long walks with my puppy, Porter.

Lisette Nenninger
Grade 6-8 Science, Grade 7 Math, Grade 8 Math
At St. Anne since 2011
Education: BS Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;  BS Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS Environmental Engineering, University of Washington; Masters in Teaching, Seattle University

Experience: I currently teach middle school science and math. It was while I was a teaching assistant for freshman chemistry at the University of Washington that I realized I wanted to be a teacher.  I student-taught chemistry and precalculus at Ingraham High School.  I have also worked in technology development for ten years, first for treating stored Cold War wastes at Department of Energy sites such as Hanford, and then for smaller, more efficient wastewater treatment plants such as West Point.

Passion/Interest: I was born in Renton, WA, and raised in Issaquah, WA, in the days before that thriving metropolis had stoplights.  I love hiking and exploring the outdoors in our beautiful state, from Neah Bay to Palouse Falls.  I have three children - boy, girl, boy.  The eldest started middle school this year and I marvel at the extraordinary brain development of elementary and middle schoolers!  I also love reading, running and photography.

Intermediate Grades (3-5)

Maura Dahlman
Grade 5
At St. Anne since 2013
Education: BA in Marketing and International Business, Gonzaga University; M.Ed University of Portland.

Experience: I student taught in Portland, OR for one year and went back to school to receive an endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language.

Passion/Interest: My passion for teaching was instilled in me at an early age. My mother is an elementary school teacher, and she paved the way for showing me that a job working with children is, in fact, the most rewarding work of all. I love working with students of various cultures and backgrounds. I am thrilled to be working at St. Anne, a school where children’s Catholic backgrounds and love of learning is evident everyday. I am a proud Montanan, and I enjoy skiing, running, fly fishing, reading, and cheering for Gonzaga basketball.


Anna Quinn-Shea
Grade 4
At St. Anne since 2016
  BSW (Bachelors in Social Work), Seattle University; BS in Humanities, Seattle University; Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction and Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, University of San Diego.
Experience: I worked as a Residential Youth Counselor, at 24-Hour Crisis Center for At-Risk Youth, for four years.  In 2014-2015, while completing my Masters in Teaching, I was hired for two long-term substitute positions (1st/2nd/3rd grade mixed and 4th/5th grade mixed) and then hired as a full-time 3rd/4th grade mixed teacher.  After traveling and taking Spanish classes in Europe, fall 2015, I was a substitute for the Seattle Archdiocese and then hired as a 3rd grade long-term substitute. 
  I am a native Seattleite.  Snowboarding, hiking, and travel are strong interests of mine.  I love documenting memories with photographs and by making scrapbooks.  I have an older and younger sister.  I am extremely passionate about helping children love to learn and look forward to being St. Anne's new fourth grade teacher!


Danielle Dellino
Grade 3
At St. Anne since 2014
Education: BA Elementary Education, University of Portland, M.Ed., University of Portland
Experience: I taught a 3rd and 4th grade combined class at a Catholic school in Sacramento, CA through the PACE program.  Prior to that, I substituted in the Archdiocese of Seattle for a year.
Passion/Interests: My greatest joy in life is being able to share my faith and love of learning through being a Catholic educator.  I believe in educating the whole child and challenging them to reach their greatest potential.  I grew up in Snohomish, WA and after living in both Oregon and California, I am happy to be back in the Northwest.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, running, traveling, singing, dancing, and cooking. 


Primary Grades (K-2)

Meghan Lanouette
Grade 2
At St. Anne since 2006

Education: BA Diversified Liberal Arts, University of San Diego; MA Curriculum and Instruction, City University
Experience: Ten years of elementary school teaching experience.
Passion/Interests:  My goal as an educator is to facilitate and promote the student’s natural curiosity and drive to learn.  I believe in supporting students in finding intrinsic value in the process of questioning and discovery. By developing their higher order thinking skills, students will be able to make each learning experience their own.  The classroom environment should be one of safety, both physical and emotional, so that as students take risks academically they know there will be a soft place to land.  In order to maintain this atmosphere, it is crucial that communication between the classroom and the home is ongoing and constructive.  We are working as a team to help your student become a thoughtful and confident member of the Catholic community at St. Anne as well as their larger community.

Kacy McNaull
Grade 2 Instructional Aide


Lindsay Bellissimo
Grade 1
At St. Anne since 2016
Education:  I attended Catholic School K-12, BA in Special Education and Early Childhood Education from Millersville University, MA in Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities from Shippensburg University
Experience:  I began my teaching career in an Autism Support elementary classroom. After, I taught two full years in Catholic School in Harrisburg, PA. My first year I taught 3rd grade and my second year I taught 1st grade.
Passion/Interests: During my college years you would have found me on the soccer field! I played on the Millersville Women's soccer team during my four years of undergraduate work. Currently my husband and I love to travel and to be outdoors! We are excited we found a new home on the West Coast and we are ready for a great year of exploring!


Michele Betts
Grade 1 Instructional Aide
At St. Anne since 1996

Education:  I attended Catholic Schools K-12.
Experience:  I began working at St. Anne as a Kindergarten Aide and after a three year break, I returned as the 1st Grade Aide and have been here since.
Passion/Interests:  I have four grown children, five granddaughters and four grandsons.  In my spare time I love to be with my family, reading, and traveling with my husband of over 40 years.


Traci Sauvage
At St. Anne since 2007
Education:  BA Education, Eastern Oregon University; MA Creative Arts in Learning, Cambridge MA. 
Experience:  I have been teaching in the Catholic Schools for over 13 years. My experience ranges from Pre-K through 4th grade.
Passion/Interests: I love teaching! Teaching is definitely my passion as well as my two boys.  Our family is often found outside playing baseball or jumping on the trampoline.  We also love to travel to Wisconsin and Alaska to visit friends and family.



Molly Thole
Kindergarten Instructional Aide
At St. Anne since 2006

Education:  BA Criminal Justice - Seattle University
Experience:  I taught preschool at St. John school for 5 years prior to coming to the St. Anne Kindergarten program.
Passion/Interests:  I was born and raised in Seattle, going to Catholic schools from Kindergarten through college.  I am a graduate of Bishop Blanchet, as well as, Seattle University.  I love working at St. Anne; it is an amazing community!  I truly love Kindergarten! I think it is the perfect age to teach.  They are just gaining some independence and they are so ready to learn!  The growth we see from the start of the year to the end is amazing! My husband and I have 2 beautiful children.  I am an avid reader. I love going to the beach or the pool, and I enjoy playing tennis.



Maureen Mastrobattista
At St. Anne since 2014



Bev Peterson
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
At St. Anne since 2012

Experience: I have worked for the Archdiocese of Seattle in Primary Education off and on for the past 20 years. Before returning to St. Anne School as a substitute teacher in 2009 I was the lead Pre-K teacher at the Magnolia Community Center for 6 years. I am so excited to be back at St. Anne!
Passion/Interest: My husband and I have a son who is a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima, O'Dea High School, and is currently in the Nursing Program at Northwest University. We also have a daughter who is a graduate of Our Lady of Fatima and is now a sophomore at Holy Names Academy. When I'm not teaching your wonderful children I enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, reading and, of course, spending time with my wonderful children! Thank You for the gift of your children; it is truly and honor to be working with them.


Shannon Schuler
Technology Curriculum & Integration, Middle School Resource
At St. Anne since 2003
Education: BS Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington;  Teaching Certificate and MA in Teaching, City University with a K-8 endorsement.
Experience: During my time at St. Anne I have taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  While a 6th grade teacher, I have taught all subject areas.  Since then, I have happily found myself teaching 6th grade Math and 7th grade Language Arts and Literature. My technological responsibilities have continued to grow over the years.  I not only help troubleshoot technological problems, I also help teachers integrate technology into the instruction and assessment of core curricula areas.
Passion/Interests: I am a product of Seattle Catholic schools attending St. Catherine in Maple Leaf, Christ the King in Greenwood and graduating high school from Bishop Blanchet.  I enjoy teaching at St. Anne School because of its commitment to excellence and its focus on educating the whole student.  When I am not teaching I enjoy cooking, reading, and attending and/or watching sporting events with my husband.  "The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." - Robert Maynard Hutchins


Kristin Earnst
Art Specialist, Librarian
At St. Anne since 2008
Education: BA in English (with college honors, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) at the University of Washington; teaching credentials also through the UW with endorsements 4-12 English, 4-12 Language Arts, and K-12 Art.

Experience: Prior to teaching art, I taught English for eleven years at Eastside Catholic High School. I began teaching art in 2002 at Bellevue’s Jewish Day School. My focus when teaching art is to develop students’ confidence in their abilities to experiment responsibly, to discover the properties of the materials artists use, and to solve problems that arise as they work to express themselves visually.

Passion/Interests:  I'm a big reader--mostly of non-fiction, and I love listening to blues music. I've spent summers painting in southern France and in the Skagit Valley, and I enjoy taking summer art classes at the Frye Art Museum, Pratt Fine Arts Center, and the Gage Academy. Oil paint and charcoal are my favorite media. Every night I'm welcomed home by my cats Lulubelle and Quincy.


Lisa Marie McNamara
At St. Anne since 2016

Education: BA in Journalism, BA in Spanish Language and Literature, Western Washington University; Masters in Teaching, Comillas University, Madrid, Spain.
Experience: After finishing my undergraduate degree at Western, I was lucky enough to get a teaching job in a small rural town in the South of Spain. It was there I fell in love with teaching, perfected my Spanish proficiency and earned my Masters in Teaching in Madrid. Over the past 8 years I have worked with students of all ages in various cities in Spain. For the past 4 years I worked at Cerrado de Calderon School in Málaga. I taught students in grades K-12, coordinating our school´s extracurricular English program in addition to acting as the director of our school´s language academy. As my adventure abroad has come to an end I am very excited to share my love and passion for Spanish language and culture in Seattle at St. Anne School.
Passion/Interests: I love teaching and strongly believe in the importance of learning a world language in today´s multilingual society. Spanish is useful, practical and empowering—helping students to breakdown barriers and gain confidence. It was my grandfather Tom McNamara, also a teacher, who inspired me to follow in his footsteps, he said, “You´ll never regret the day you become a teacher.” He was right, I love every minute of it! As a West Seattle native, I am very excited to return to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In my free time I love any excuse to be active outdoors, running, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking or doing any other sport. I also love experimenting in the kitchen, testing out or trying to recreate yummy recipes. Naturally as a Spanish teacher, I love to travel, explore and learn about different places, people, history and culture.


Kathleen Mills
At St. Anne since 2000

Education: Bachelor of Music in Composition and Arranging, Combs College of Music.
Experience:  I studied with composer Romeo Cascarino and concert pianist Susan Starr in Philadelphia, and with Broadway conductor Lehman Engel at BMI's Musical Theater Workshop in New York City.  My performing experience includes singing and dancing in several musicals, notably 5th Avenue Theater Company's productions of Cinderella, Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady and in the national tour of Mame starring Juliet Prowse.  I have worked as a private music instructor in Seattle since 1989. I am also the composer of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, A Story Ballet produced annually by DanceFremont! since 1997.  My work with DanceFremont! since that time has also included writing and directing the Musical Theater/Costume Design and Production Camp show each summer. 
Passion/Interests: I am passionate about helping students identify and use their talents in pursuit of excellence in mind, body, and spirit.


Libby Rain
Learning Resource
At St. Anne since 2002
Education:  BA Teaching, University of Dayton; MA Teaching with a Reading Certification, National University
Experience: Before becoming the Resource Specialist in 2007, I taught 4th grade and Kindergarten at St. Anne School.
Passion/Interests:  I attended Catholic school my entire life and always knew I wanted to work in a Catholic school.  My goal as an educator is to foster a love for learning in every student.  I have a particular interest in the field of reading.  My hope is for all children to experience the joys of reading and I strive to make learning to read a positive experience.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and three children, cooking, reading, and doing most anything related to the outdoors.


Denise Rousso
At St. Anne since 2000
Education:  BA Journalism, University of Houston; MA School Counseling, Seattle University
Experience: My work at St. Anne has concentrated on developing a school counseling program with a preventative and proactive focus. I teach skills around friendship, problem-solving, emotional management, and safety before problems develop.  I believe all of the above skills are important to each student's happiness, especially as research continues to support the importance of emotional intelligence for overall success in life.  I also work with students one-on-one,  as well as in small groups.
Passion/Interests:  Being able to teach kids how to express themselves and helping them find their greatness within is rewarding work. I get to watch and absorb all the funny and energetic things that kids say and do - which usually makes for a pretty entertaining day!   In my spare time, I like riding horses, traveling, and spending time with my family and two amazing stepsons.

Monica Flora
Development Director

At St. Anne School since 2013
Education: BA Communications, Loyola Marymount University
Experience: I have worked in fundraising and event planning for the past 19 years; 11 of which I spent in the development office at Holy Names Academy.
Passion/Interests: Catholic education is very important to my family and me. I feel blessed to be back working at a Catholic school and to be part of the St. Anne community. My husband and I have four children; our oldest just started college this fall and our youngest is in second grade at my alma mater, Assumption-St. Bridget School. My favorite thing to do is spending time with my family. I also enjoy playing and watching sports, especially soccer, the outdoors, traveling, spending time with friends, reading, and the sunshine!



Ben Sauvage
Physical Education
At St. Anne since 2000

Education:  BA Physical Education, Eastern Oregon University.
Experience:  I have been teaching for over 15 years including 10 here at St. Anne.
Passion/Interests: I believe that Physical Education should give all children the opportunity to participate and succeed in a large variety of sports and games.  I also believe that an effective P.E. class is one where all kids are busy all of the time.  I ran track, cross country and met my wife Traci, who is the Kindergarten teacher at St. Anne, at Eastern Oregon University.  In my free time I run a lot.  I have run 27 marathons and still compete in many local and national cross country and road races.  I am also the cross country and track coach at Seattle Prep, and coach CYO track at St. Anne.  Despite all of this, my favorite things to do are play golf, basketball or baseball with my boys.


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