Overview and Expectations
St. Anne School is strongly committed to individualized learning with high educational achievement.  This emphasis on excellence, within the context of a strong sense of community and spiritual development, motivates our students to achieve academically.  This achievement is reflected in student performance, not only on standardized tests, but in the fact that our students are very successful gaining admission to the high school of their choice.  The majority of our students attend Catholic High schools in Seattle and we frequently receive compliments from them on the quality of our students. 

A strong set of Student Learning Expectations developed by school faculty and parents is utilized by teachers and students to guide the development of the school’s academic and service learning curriculum.   These expectations set forth that the community of St. Anne School – parents, students, teachers, staff and administration – will prepare St. Anne graduates to be:

  1. An Active Person of Faith Who:
    • Develops and fosters a relationship with God.
    • Applies Gospel values and Catholic teachings to life decisions and actions.
    • Respects self, others, and all creation.
    • Actively demonstrates involvement in the parish and the broader community.

  2. A Lifelong Learner Who:
    • Demonstrates a love and curiosity for learning.
    • Demonstrates critical thinking and proactive problem solving.
    • Exhibits self-direction and demonstrates organizational and study skills.
    • Communicates effectively through speech, writing and active listening.
    • Reads for knowledge and pleasure.

  3. A Globally Aware Person Who:
    • Values cultural diversity and advocates for social justice.
    • Understands and appreciates the abundance of one’s daily blessings.
    • Makes a positive impact on the world through actions.
    • Shows respect and stewardship for the environment.
    • Is aware of local, national and international events.

  4. A Well-Balanced Person Who:
    • Identifies and uses talents in pursuit of excellence in mind, body and spirit.
    • Develops positive social skills.
    • Accepts responsibility for one’s self and actions.
    • Prioritizes and manages time well.


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