Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is already in St. Anne School’s Pre-Kindergarten do I need to apply to the KindergartenYes. 

If my child is already in St. Anne School’s Pre-Kindergarten am I guaranteed admission into the Kindergarten?  No.  Admission to the Schools K-8 program is separate from Pre-Kindergarten admission.  In some instances, your child may not assess as being ready for Kindergarten even though they would be the right age.  In other instances, there may be other parish families and families with siblings that would be considered prior to your family’s admission.  

How old does my child have to be for each grade?  For Pre-Kindergarten, four by August 31, 2016; and for Kindergarten, five by August 31, 2016.

How are prospective Kindergarten candidates assessed for readiness?  The school administers the Gesell Kindergarten Assessment that measures the developmental readiness of young children.  Also taken into account are the recommendations provided by his/her pre-school teachers.    

What if my child doesn’t assess ready for Kindergarten?  Decisions about the Kindergarten class are made prior to decisions for the Pre-Kindergarten class.  If your child did not assess ready for St. Anne Kindergarten and you want your child to attend St. Anne Pre-Kindergarten you may contact the school and ask that your Kindergarten application be reviewed for Pre-Kindergarten admission.

When am I able to tour the school and meet teachers?  Each January, St. Anne School holds an Open House that allows prospective families an opportunity to tour of the entire school and to meet all the faculty and staff.  On a limited basis, depending upon the circumstance, an individualized tour of a specific classroom may also be arranged by calling the school.  

What are the primary entry levels for St. Anne school? For each new school year, St. Anne will be enrolling 1 new Pre-Kindergarten class and 1 new Kindergarten class.  26 new spaces are available for new kindergarteners and 20 spaces are available for the pre-Kindergarten program.  There may also be a limited number of spaces available in other grades.  Please contact the school for more information.

Is financial aid available?  Financial aid is available for parish families with students attending St. Anne School.  For families needing assistance, tuition is reduced on a sliding scale based upon income level and the number of children in school.  Families needing further assistance may also request further tuition review.  

How are parents involved in the community?  Each family is expected to complete 30 hours of service to the school or the parish. Single parent families must each complete 15 service hours.
Of these hours, a minimum of six (6) hours must be spent working on the school auction.  Service hour forms are sent home near the end of each trimester and must be completed by the due date.  A $50.00 late fee is assessed to any parent who does not turn in a completed Service hour reporting form by the final due date in May.  Parents are billed in May for any uncompleted or unreported service hours. 

In lieu of service hours, the cash equivalent for regular service hours is $10 per hour and $50 per hour for Auction hours.  The total cash equivalent is $540 per family or $390 per single parent. 

Do I have to be Catholic or do I need to be a Parishioner at St. Anne’s Parish to send my child to St. Anne School?   No.  However, admissions priority is given to Catholic families who are involved and active as parishioners at St. Anne Parish.  St. Anne School is a ministry of St. Anne Parish and the tuition of students of active parishioners is less than non-parishioners.  Catholic teachings and religious education also make up an essential part of a student’s day at school.  




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